2KSports already has gamers anxiously awaiting the release of NBA2K11 after they made the announcement last month that Michael Jordan would be on cover. Well that news appears to be only the tip of the ice berg because 2KSports has announced a game mode called “Jordan Challenge;” which allows gamers to play with ten different versions of Jordan that are all authentic to famous Jordan moments.Players can start up the game and jump right into the “Jordan Challenge” because the games don’t need to be unlocked and can be played in any order. The following games can be played in the “Jordan Challenge:”

April 20, 1986 (Game 2 of the 1st round of the playoffs against the Celtics when Jordan scored 63)

March 28, 1990 (regular season game against the Cavs when Jordan scored 69)

June 3, 1992 (Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs versus the Trail Blazers when Jordan scored 35 in the first half)

March 28, 1995 (Jordan returns to the game and scores 55 against the Knicks)

June 11, 1997 (the famous Jordan “flu game”)

June 14,1998 (the day of his last game in a Bulls uniform as his last second shot gives the Bulls its sixth title under his reign).

Beyond those specific games, players can take on other “Jordan Challenges,” like hitting six three pointers in a row against the Trail Blazers to see the famous Jordan shrug as he runs down the court. Players can take control of Jordan circa the 1990 or 1991 finals and attempt to hold Dominique Wilkins to under 25 points. However, all those games and all those moments might trumped by what 2KSports is saying will be the most challenging moment. Gamers will take on the task of trying to score 38 points, just as Jordan did, in the famous “flu game” against the Utah Jazz.

NBA2K11 hits stores on October 5th and is sure to fly of the shelves as anticipation will only grow.

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