We broadcast from the Bears’ practice field for the final time of Camp Lovie 2010 (the final Camp Lovie?), as the Bears prepare to close things to the public soon and work in earnest on their secret plans to be better than all the doubters seem to think.

Fun night out last night, with several veteran players (and other team officials) enjoying a beverage or two.  Nice to have the annual off-the-record conversations that supply far more information than the mandated strings of cliches and nonsense during daily press gatherings.

We hope to have a couple guys come by when they get done with another light-contact session, so we will hold off on “Who You Crappin” for another week.

Ozzie Guillen’s self-description as a “crazy f—ing Mexican” would be much funnier if the Sox hadn’t lost the ability to win a game.  With his teem reeling, another rant comes off as stressed out and unhinged instead of just emotional.

Alexei Ramirez’s inexcusable throw home last night was emblematic of the difference between these two teams.  And Joe Mauer is better than any player the Sox have had in many years.

I don’t like Derrek Lee’s “negative atmosphere” comments about the Cubs and goats and curses, but he mitigated his thought by admitting to the alluring possibility of being the team to explode such myths.  Still, it disappoints me to hear a player say those things on the way out the door, and to hear the half-retired manager echo them.

Oak Forest is the place tomorrow for the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.  Join us at the Blarney Stone for our usual silliness, some cold beer, and the chance to win free tickets.