Time to check back in

Wrigley Field has not been the most interesting place to watch baseball this summer. The Chicago Cubs are bad, yet the reasons they are bad create lazy Cub fans across the city. Their three-four hitters (Derrek Lee & Aramis Ramirez) hit .255 and .244 respectively with the team this summer, and the 101 errors the Cubs made are the most in the National League. This mindless and bad baseball puts the Cubs fifth in the NL Central division with a record of 51 and 74; but more importantly, 2010 Cubs baseball gives die-hard fans a reason to turn off the games or have no interest in the play on the field.

I have an alert to fans out there who find themselves turning their TV’s off in the 3rd innings of games, or who have switched to MLB Network to see what other games are on: COME BACK! Lou Piniella is officially retired, and the “interim” manager Mike Quade has taken over for the rest of the season. While this may not be the guy the Cubs will hire next year to be their manager, at least Quade is not Piniella. He is not a checked-out, old, midst-retirement, over the hill manager who knows the end is near. Quade will manage this team the way a caring manager would, with thought of development for the young guys and thought towards the coming seasons.

If Cub fans want to see what Starlin Castro is really made of at short stop, or if Tyler Colvin can play first base, now is the time to watch. What about the young arm starting tonight? Casey Coleman is 28-16 in two and a half years in the minors, with a 3.73 ERA. Most interestingly though, he was born in 1987 and just turned 23 on July 3rd. Coleman may be horrible tonight, but an interested manager will analyze and break down his start and work with him to possibly make him valuable to the Cubs in the future.

Quade will most certainly be talking with general manager Jim Hendry the rest of the season about what is best for his young pitchers and hitters. The development of these players is essential to the Cubs future.

Next year may not be their year, and the year after may not be also, but I ask all Cub fans who have checked out this season, check back in. I know I will. Sweet Lou’s official departure is a change for the positive itself. It creates the greatest gift of all, a gift which keeps Cubs fans watching year after year…hope.