Forbes calls the Bears one of the most recognizable brands in American sport. They are the only NFL team in the league’s second largest media market. And the Bears are one of only two founding franchises still in existence. Forbes ranked the Bears ninth in the league in regards to team worth, and they feel as if the Bears should be much higher.

The Cowboys, Redskins and Patriots rank first, second and third, respectively, and Forbes cites innovative ownership as the main reason for this. And ownership, according to Forbes, is the only thing holding the Bears back in terms of team value. The 87-year-old Virginia McCaskey and Ted Phillips, an accountant, are the two figure heads of the organization on a business front. With an imaginative and  risk-taking ownership Forbes says there is no reason why the organization can’t grow exponentially.

Patrick Ryan, the billionaire founder of Aon, owns around 20% of the team already. Forbes believes that if he or another new owner were to take over, the franchise would have no problem growing into one of the most valuable in the NFL.

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