manny ramirez 8 30 3 Circus Trip

Manny Ramirez is a clown, but he’s a clown who can still hit when he wants to.

Details are being finalized regarding the terms of the waiver deal, and it appears the moody slugger  is on the way to join the Sox in Cleveland for the three-gamer that begins their season-deciding road swing.

The only downside would be the Sox parting with a prospect:  this is a manageable risk for a playoff longshot that is not playing well.  A broken bullpen needs all the runs it can get.

Fun time at the Sox game yesterday, outcome notwithstanding.  My Bronx-native inlaws didn’t trash-talk, and we got to see the Frank Thomas ceremony.  Hot as hell, though.

Frank looked like a massive Secret Service agent in his dark suit and sunglasses, (while Hawk Harrelson and Carlton Fisk were more ready for a Jimmy Buffett concert or a “Road to…” movie), and seemed genuinely touched.  I’m certain he’s miffed that Manny stole his spot on the front of today’s sports page, however.

The Bears, meantime, are a hot mess of bad.  Still time to tighten things up (I have to say that even though it’s probably not true), but there are alarm sirens wailing.  The Terry Shea offense is back, complete with wrong routes, ill-timed throws, horrible blocking and the attendant finger-pointing and shoulder shrugs.

And the outdated defense is in midseason form.  We’ll see if the great wall of arrogance at Halas Hall is missing a brick or two this week.

Barry Rozner sits in for the vacationing TB today, and we’ll be talking about it all.

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