carmelo anthony 9 10 Carmelo Anthony To The Bulls….What would you give up?

There are all kinds of rumors circulating that Carmelo Anthony might soon be available in a trade. Anthony has let it be known that the Bulls would be at the top of his wish list so further rumors are going around on what the Bulls would be willing to trade to get him. One UNCONFIRMED report has the Bulls talking internally about including Joakim Noah in any deal but I’m here to tell you why it shouldn’t and wont happen.

I don’t get why this is so hard to understand. There is NO QUESTION that Carmelo Anthony is a TOP PLAYER in this league and the Bulls would love to have a guy who has the balls to take last second shots (and hit them) but they would TRY and add him to what their strengths already are. They are (once again) trying to build around defense. Noah is (pun intended) front and center of that defense and his offense has improved to at least make him decent in that area. If you add Anthony but give up a focal strong part of your team you are not getting that much better…if at all. And for those who think you can trot out a front line of Carlos Boozer, Taj Gibson and Anthony…you can if you want but you wont win anything. Denver is going to get desperate to trade this guy after he tells them next week he will not re-sign with them. Of course the Nuggets will ask for key components from other teams but they can ask all they want. Give them Luol  Deng, give them Gibson, and maybe either James Johnson or future picks but you don’t give them what you are banking on to make you good for not only this year but the next 5-8 years down the road. If you can make a deal with them to have Boozer, Noah and Anthony in your front court then bring on Miami but if you don’t have the center piece (pun intended again)….it’s not worth it and Bulls management will look at it that way.

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