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Something has to be missing in the multiple reports of a possible deal that would send Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls.

I get it:  ideally, you would want to acquire a great player for nothing.  Short of that, you’d like to part with lesser pieces than your improving, high-motor big man.  The Bulls would rather just send Luol Deng’s deal with some add-in fodder and be done with it.

But this needs no mulling over.

Joakim Noah is a good player on the verge of being very good.  His minimal offense and recently-injured feet are more than offset by his aggressive rebounding, defensive length, passing ability, ballhandling and end-to-end speed.  His screaming and gesticulating make people happy.

Carmelo Anthony, however, is an elite player who would immediately create a contender with Carlos Boozer and Derrick Rose.  There is no reason not to do this, especially with a contract extension as part of the arrangement.

In short, too good to be true.

Quiz time!  About which quarterback is Mike Martz speaking?

“Martz told the broadcast team of Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston that ______ sees the field like Warner and has the quick release of Marc Bulger. Then he said that ______ could be the best quarterback he ever coached. Even for someone who tends towards bombast, that’s a bold statement.”

Answer?  JT O’Sullivan.  Yep, him.  That quote is from the SF Chronicle (via FanHouse) from September of 2008.  Make of that what you will, in light of all the Cutler treacle.

Last night’s NFL opener wasn’t exactly the whiz-bang stuff we wanted on a fast indoor track, but it was nice to see Brett Favre lose.  I’m starting to think the Williams Wall may be aging out of dominance, which would be nice.

Kudos to Ryan Moore for his throwback getup at Cog Hill yesterday.  Moore is recognized for eschewing sponsorship logos (except for his ball and the equipment company he co-owns), but here’s betting that changes whenever he gets married.

Season over for the White Sox.  Entertaining year, got us right up to the Bears, but they are not a playoff team.

We’ll be in Plainfield today at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 59.  The Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour will give you the chance to start your weekend with some cold beer, hot wings, and the chance to win tickets.

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