Update 9/14 at 5:32pm

The Chicago Bears have confirmed the fact that Hunter Hillenmeyer was placed on the IR. In a statement released to the press the Bears also confirmed it was the result of a concussion he suffered on the third preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

After suffering the concussion, Hillenmeyer was cleared to play once he passed all medical tests at the conclusion on the preseason schedule. However, the Bears’ linebacker was removed after the first half of last Sunday’s game after becoming ill.

“I have mixed emotions,” Hillenmeyer said. “I respect the decision of Jerry and Lovie to place me on injured reserve. Concussions by nature are harder to evaluate than other injuries. While this is probably in my best interest and the team’s, it is hard to accept the fact that my season is over in one game.

“As someone who has been in the forefront of player advocacy of concussion awareness, I’m happy to see my team err on the side of caution. But when it is my season that is cut short, it makes the complexity of the issues really hit home.”

“Player health and safety has and always will be a priority with our organization,” Chicago Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo said. “Unlike other injuries, there is no defined timetable for a concussion. After consulting with our doctors and Hunter, this was the best way to proceed. We will miss his contributions this year, but it is the right decision given Hunter’s circumstances.”

Over his seven-year career with the Bears, Hillenmeyer has started 69 games and last year recorded a career-high 105 tackles filling in for the injured Brian Urlacher.