brett favre 9 21 Will Favre Quit?

An 0-2 start and a 56.1 passer rating might just cause an ankle “injury.”

That’s the speculation of Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports — a longtime Brett Favre supporter preparing himself for the end of his guy’s career.

His logic goes like this:

Favre has set up each of his Last Roundups as all or nothing, Super Bowl or bust.  He only wants to play in meaningful games, as he skips exhibitions (then whines about the offense not running as smoothly as it should, with no sense of self-awareness whatsoever).  If regular-season games later on the schedule appear to lose that meaning, Favre may just start sending pictures of bruised body parts to friendly media members, and slink back to the fetid swamp from which he emerges each August.

I’d like that.

We wait for details on the Bears’ two pulled hamstrings today.  The offensive line reconstruction appears stable for the time being, but longer-term positional planning can be affected by the recovery time for Chris Williams.  Major Wright’s bad luck continues.

Might it just be a bit too early for the Mike Martz head coaching speculation?  I’m all for wild, premature visions of the future based on small sample-sizes (or not even that), but really, Tribune.

Hub Arkush talks Bears and NFL with us at 5:00 today.

Tyler Colvin’s puntured chest cavity has unleashed Shattered Bat Panic across the nation.  Ban maple!  Even the syrup! Dry pancakes for all! Our children’s future is at stake!  Loud noises!

And the NBA rumor mill yesterday gave us the news that Carmelo Anthony is still being dangled by the Nuggets.  Ouch.