Watching the MLB playoffs the last two days makes me feel like the two teams in town (Cubs/White Sox) are just so far away from the level of play these eight teams are displaying right now.  From great defensive gems that make top play reels around the country to history making pitching performances from hurlers who have never seen October baseball.

It really makes you wonder with all the decisions our teams have to make this off season if they could reach that pinnacle in the next coming years.  On one side of town they are looking to cut payroll yet stay competitive with a team that just got a boost in payroll because of a new stadium.  The problem is the team with the new stadium is not going to have attendance problems anything soon while the attendance driven club on the south side is so dependent on walk ups that a roster shake up is long overdue.

The other side of town is almost in complete overhaul looking for a new voice to lead a roster filled with overpaid underachieving aging athletes.  That doesn’t put confidence into the hearts of Cubs fans when they know a reduction in payroll is eminent yet hoping the Cubs outbid for the rights to Joe Girardi this off season.

Dominant pitching, clutch hitting, and overall smart organizations make the post season.

With the White Sox making one post season since winning a title and the Cubs 0-6 in their last two attempts, the future currently looks not only depressing but extremely bleak.

Then again….there is always next year!


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