The jury might still be out on the Bears in 2010, but former Dallas Cowboys QB and current FOX NFL Commentator, Troy Aikman feels like there is reason to be optimistic. Aikman joined The Score’s Mully and Hanley this morning and talked about the Bears so far this season and the outlook for the remainder of 2010.

“The Bears are a good team,” Aikman said, and they’re finding ways to win.” To say that the Bears are finding ways to win, is a very accurate way to describe the season so far. They’ve won via controversial calls, Calvin Johnson’s touchdown that wasn’t; airing the ball out, 277 passing yards and three passing touchdowns in Dallas; and running the ball, Matt Forte’s 166 rushing yards against Carolina.

Troy Aikman On The Mully And Hanley Show

The tests the Bears have faced early on this season will only make them a stronger team as the season progresses. “When you’re without your starter, in Jay Cutler, and a guy comes in and struggles a little bit and yet you still find a way to win,” Aikman told Mully and Hanley, “that’s good for the organization.”

What would be best for the organization would be for the Bears to make the playoffs. And the way things are going the Bears will have a shot to get there. “Based on what has happened to them, Aikman said, they’ll be right in the middle of it.”

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