CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s not uncommon for retailers to promote Christmas before Halloween, but this year you might want to take advantage of the promotions and shop now.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports that retailers are focusing on toys, offering more sales than ever before.

Melanea Tahiri is already window shopping for Christmas, so she was pleased to learn that stores like Target are offering early deals.

“I like to be prepared. You’re busy with cooking,” Tahiri said. “If I could buy the presents now for Christmas, especially with the discount, it’s good for me.”

Target is among several big retailers offering discounts on toys, starting this weekend. At Target, you’ll find bargains on 1,000 toys.

Wal-Mart won’t say how many, but its promoting some of the hottest toys for just $5, $10 or $15.

Toys ‘R Us is getting in on the act by opening up 600 satellite stores around the country, including several in the Chicago area.

Retailers say they’re pushing toys now because they’re convinced consumers are willing to shop early.

“Last year was economic uncertain Christmas,” said Lee Crom, manager at a Target store on the North Side. “I think a lot of consumers know the battle they had finding toys in those last two weeks. Some people are a little leery.”

The discounts are expected to be 20% to 40% now and retailers admit you might find deeper discounts on some items as you get closer to Christmas.

If you’re lucky enough to find the same item, you can return it and try and buy it back for the better price, but be careful.

“Certainly a lot of our stores have generous return policies, but you should always check what the return policy is at the store,” said Tanya Triche, Senior Counsel for the Illinois Retail Merchants Association.

Many stores that sell toys have 90-day return policies. So if you buy now and you find a better price later, as long as you have your receipt and haven’t opened the box, you should have no problem exchanging the toy for the better price.