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The problem with trying to run the ball is I don’t think this line can run block? Don’t you think they would call more run plays if they could? I don’t know, it’s THE question for Bear fans today, can they in fact run and choose not to??

NIU Dave
YO….Danny Mac

To me, I think these Bears are pretenders.  Their 4-2 record does not truly reflect their quality of game play.  We all know that Angelo is one of the main reasons for our failure.  But when you look at the big picture, and say we get rid of Lovie and Jerry, which means Martz will probably go too…….is it fair to say that even though we replace the coaches, that this will still be bad for Cutler and the offense simply because it will be his 4th offensive coordinator, and his 4th offensive system in 4 years?

By the way, I took your advise and got the Cajun ribeye from Mortons………………..AWESOME!!!!


Tommy Boy

If you had to rank the four offensive lines in the North division – the Bears are clearly 4th.

If you had to rank the pass catching options of the four teams in the North – the Bears are clearly 4th

I’m not saying Jay Cutler should not take some of the blame, but how can they expect to win when on the few plays they do manage to keep the QB upright the options are Earl Bennett, Johnny Knox and Devin Hester?  There isn’t a number 1 in that group and I’m not sure there is even a number 2 guy (on a good team).  The Packers two back-up WRs are probably better than the Bears starters.





Give it to Martz for continuing to help seal the Fate of lovie and company.


Jim Miller talks like he has a bust in the Hall of Fame, he needs to pipe down.  This is one of the worst teams I have ever seen assembled.  From the front office, to the coaches, the players, and even the water boys.  Since when does your so called number 1 receiver have only 13 catches after 6 games?  If it ever got out that Cutler went against the coaches and did his own thing on the field, he would be crucified and everyone would be saying “this Cutler guy is not a team player going against the coaches.  He cant be coached up, he thinks he knows everything.”  I feel sorry for the guy, he been sacked 8 more times here in Chicago then he has in Denver, he played 16 more games in Denver.  Get five fat ass guys who know how to block for the damn guy.  What a joke.


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