By Les Grobstein–

(WSCR) SAN FRANCISCO–It s a World Series that the National and East Coast bias Networks dread, but Baseball Fans could really enjoy. The Texas Rangers, in the first World Series in the 50 year history of that franchise (that began as the ‘New Washington Senators in 1961) face the San Francisco Giants who were last in the Fall Classic eight years ago (Dusty Baker’s last seven games before joining the Cubs), and whom have not won it all since 1954 when they were still playing at Coogan’s Bluff (Polo Grounds) in New York. Yes, while many fat headed Easterners wanted the Yankees and Phillies, this matchup could be interesting.

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The Rangers have the best pitcher in the Series (Cliff Lee), but the Giants appear to have a deeper pitching staff. Texas has a typical American League lineup, lots of power and very deep from top to bottom,while San Francisco has bimply been a team that has settled on clutch hitting,and like their A.L. opponents, one that will run and try to put pressure on opposing pitchers. With the first two games in AT & T Park (first time in an NL venue since 2001), the Designated Hitter will only be in effect for the middle three games (if all are needed). Vladimir Guerrero, once an outfielder with Montreal, will have to return to his old position in order to start in the first two games.

This series will have a Chicago flavor,mostly on the Giants. Former White Sox World Series heroes Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowand are Giants while Mike Fontenot, whom the Giants got from the Cubs, is the ex-Northsider on the Giants. Another ex-Cub Mark DeRosa is on the D.L. and won’t play in this Post Season.

Although this is the first World Series that the N.L. received Home Field Advantage by winning the All Star Game since that policy went into effect in 2003, the NL has done OK since the turn of the Century in Fall Classics.

AL WINNERS:                                                 NL WINNERS:

2000-YANKEES (beat Mets)         2001-Diamondbacks (beat Yankees)

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2002-Angels (beat Giants)             2003-Marlins (beat Yankees)

2004-Red Sox (beat Cardinals)     2006-Cardinals (beat Tigers)

2005-WHITE SOX (beat Astros)  2008-Phillies (beat Rays).

2007-Red Sox (beat Rockies)

2009-Yankees (beat Phillies)

Now that the Rangers franchise is in the World Series, only the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals (nee Montreal Expos) have never been to the Fall Classic. And since the end of World War II, add only the CUBS to the M’s and Nats of teams that have not been in the World Series. And keep in mind that the Mariners were founded in 1977 and the Nationals (as the Expos) began in 1969. So the Cubs not only have the longest period withing WINNING a World Series, but they also have gone the most season without PLAYING IN a Fall Classic.

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