Jay Glazer, of FOX Sports, has reported that the league will hold a conference call today with every member of the league’s officiating team. The purpose of the call would be to not only serve as a pep talk for the officiating team, but also help to clean up some mistakes that have been happening with on-field calls.

If such a call actually happens, it would be an unprecedented event having every one of the league’s officials involved. Such a call would indicate that the league admits that there have been serious mistakes made and that the league is serious about cleaning cleaning them up.

Glazer reports that the two plays that sparked the conference call took place in the Steelers vs Dolphins and the Vikings vs Packers week seven matchups.

While Glazer didn’t mention the Bears game from last week, where a Jay Cutler touchdown was ruled a fumble, it is definitely a play that should be discussed during the conference call.

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