I’ve been a Cubs fan since the white sox waved the white flag in the infamous white flag trade.  I’m tatted with the Cubs logo, i moved to chitown and lived 3 buildings from wrigley for 5 years when i got out of the Marine Corps and attended about 40 games a season while living there. I live and breathe Cubs during baseball season.  My cousin even pitches for them in AAA Iowa and is in the AFL right now (David Cales)  BUT…
I’m fed up.  part of it is the constant media scrutiny and over coverage. the other part of it is the Cubs themselves….
-Ticket prices went up a record amount last year
(yes i know they “didn’t raise” prices but they changed tiers for tons of games and eliminated     the 17 percent city amusement tax from being included in the price of ticket, now making it a seperate in addition charge)
– This year is the same deal, rearranging ticket tiers to “not raise prices” but raising the price of most games.
-eliminating payroll this year (supposedly) while raising ticket prices a record amount 2 years in a row.
-all the damn sponsorships they are doing, the 2nd out of the 7th inning is brought to you by….blah blah blah.
I’m done, no, im not that dbag who is going to stop being a fan, But i am done buying tickets, im done buying merchandise, and im done supporting that team from my wallet.  I’m not watching every game this year and i’m done following so closely… Good luck to Ricketts and the Cubs but I’ll be a fan following from afar.
Jason In Chesterton
It doesn’t matter what the poll results are, this is something that comes up EVERY DAMNED YEAR. They are going to do it anyways, if they dont do it this year, they are going to keep bringing it up each and every year to slowly get people that are opposed to the idea now, on board eventually.

In the Jerry Angelo sound bite played at the 9:30 break, did Angelo say they had to look in the mirror or look at Omer, the Bulls rookie center Omer Asik ?

Jack Taylor
Plymouth, IN

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