CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago dad says he never saw it coming.

He was standing near a parking lot when a driver slammed into him. Police say that driver just kept going. They want to find out who that person is.

Jose Manuel Arroyo had gotten off work and was heading home Monday evening, but a hit-and-run driver sent him to the hospital instead.

“I have pain in my head and hip,” he told CBS 2’s Pamela Jones Monday.

Three days earlier, he was standing near the parking lot of a gas station at 63rd and California when a driver mowed him down.

He says the vehicle hit him so hard, he can’t remember what happened. But police are reviewing surveillance video to put the pieces together.

A store manager says investigators are targeting a red SUV. The video is fuzzy, but police say the SUV went through the parking lot to get around a red light and hit Arroyo.

Police issued a community alert on the case, and activist Andrew Holmes spent the evening handing the flyers to anyone who would listen.

“Somebody had to see something,” he said. “Some of the residents just hearing about this are totally upset and really want someone to turn these perpetrators in.”

Arroyo’s family has talked to witnesses. They think a red pickup, maybe a 1990s model, was involved.

Arroyo was discharged from the hospital with a brain injury and blunt trauma. His neck brace is supposed to make him more comfortable. But even his 7-year-old daughter feels his pain.

Arroyo is a mechanic supporting three children and a wife, but he can’t work now. He has one question for the driver responsible for his injuries: Why did he or she leave him lying on the street?

Arroyo’s family believes he was hit just before 8 p.m. Monday. They really need people to step up and call police with any information. With dad out of work, the bills are piling up.