Updated 11/12/10 – 3:50 p.m.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WBBM/CBS) – Naperville police have arrested 19 people during the recent national sweep targeting prostitution.

As WBBM Newsradio 780’s Mike Krauser reports, the suspects are charged with pimping, pandering and prostitution, among other allegations.

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The arrests were part of last week’s “Operation Cross Country 5,” during which 69 children were removed from prostitution. Three teenage prostitutes were rescued in Chicago.

Only one suspect is from Naperville. The others are from Minneapolis, Zion, Texas and suburban Shorewood.

In that operation, about 884 others, including 99 pimps, were arrested on state and local charges. Naperville police were joined by six FBI agents from the Lisle office for their part of the investigation.

Locally, the Chicago FBI located and recovered three juveniles who were engaged in illicit sexual activities, the Chicago FBI office said. Six adults were arrested on charges of solicitation and 39 adults were arrested on a variety of related state charges, according to the Chicago FBI.

Naperville police assisted the operation along with six FBI agents from the Lisle office and made 20 arrests for either drugs, prostitution or pimping.

One of the 20 fled during the arrest and was not in custody Friday afternoon, police said. A complaint and warrant is expected to be filed soon for Crawford J. Moore, 32, of Waukegan, who was wanted for driving with a revoked license and reckless driving.

The following 19 people were taken into custody:

• Delia F. Karpes, 18, of Zion
Charge: Prostitution

• Mariesha L. Wright, 20, of University Park
Charge: Prostitution

• Isaac J. Turnbo, 23, of Chicago
Charge: Pimping

• Hsiao-Ling Hsieh, 34, of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Charge: Prostitution

• Roydell M. Greenhill, 42, of Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Charge: Pimping, Resisting a Peace Officer

• Shiree L. Jarvis, 20, of Shorewood
Charge: Prostitution

• Christopher M. Niziolek, 36, of Hoffman Estates
Charge: Attempt Pandering

• Donesha S. Baker, 19, of Chicago
Charge: Prostitution

• Tiffany V. Pierson, 22, of Chicago
Charges: Prostitution, Obstructing Identification

• Lillie Ames, 21, of Chicago, Illinois
Charges: Attempt Pandering, Driving while License Suspended

• Anita J. Lee, 36, of Chicago, Illinois
Charges: Attempt Pandering, Obstructing Identification, Warrant Service

• Jennifer N. Fox, 31, of Fort Worth, Texas
Charge: Prostitution

• Joseph R. Goodrich, 31, Carollton, Texas
Charge: Pimping

• Nikki L. Igbokidi, 21, of Naperville
Charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Tad T. Johnson, 37, of Yorkville
Charge: Possession of a Controlled Substance

• Jennifer E. Smith, 22, of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Charge: Prostitution

• Kristina R. Klavon, 25, of Aurora
Charge: Prostitution

• Monserrat B. Arreola, 23, of Romeoville
Charges: Attempt Pandering, Resisting a Peace Officer

• Jean-Marc F. Faison, 24, of Aurora
Charges: Attempt Pandering, Resisting a Peace Officer