The Henry County sheriff thinks there may be cougars in the area, but he wants proof. A horse owner looks at the wounds to her mare and thinks she may have it.

GENESEO, Ill. (AP/CBS) – A number of concerned horse owners from Henry County plan an emergency meeting in rural Geneseo to discuss recent attacks on horses that they think may be the work of cougars.

Henry County is in western Illinois near the Quad Cities.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Belezaire Arabian Horse Farm.

One horse owner, Donna Fortune of rural Geneseo, says her Arabian mare was attacked last year, and because of the injuries, she believes the horse may have been the victim of a cougar.

Two other horses were attacked by an unknown predator at a Geneseo farm in early September.

Henry County Sheriff Gib Cady says he believes there may be cougars in the area but he needs proof. Cady says he has received numerous phone calls and talked to many county residents about cougar sightings.

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