Team Speed Helps Bears Against Athletic Quarterbacks

When you think of a third string quarterback in the NFL you generally think of a slow veteran pocket passer. However, Miami‘s Tyler Thigpen isn’t a typical third string quarterback, he’s more of threat with his feet than with his arm. The Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs joined the Mully and Hanley Show to talk about how the Bears‘ defense plays against athletic QBs.

“They do really well against athletic quarterbacks, at least they have in the past,” Biggs said. “They have so much speed on defense, particularly in the front seven that I don’t think you worry about those quarterbacks that can hurt you with their feet. Can the guy make a couple plays? Yeah sure, anybody could.”

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And so far this season it hasn’t just been athletic quarterbacks that the Bears have shut down. Most quarterbacks the Bears have played have struggled against the defense.

“The Bears, right now, are number one in the league in passer rating against, so they are defending the pass [really well],” Biggs said. “I think a lot of the credit obviously needs to go to the impact the [Julius] Peppers has had upfront. And the sack figures aren’t anywhere near acceptable at this point, but you can live with whatever the sack figure is if your top in the league defending the pass.”

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