Fundamentals Have Been Key To Success

With a little more production from the offense, the Bears could have a few more wins this season. The defense has been anywhere from good to dominant for the entire season so far.

“Here’s the things that stands out about [the Bears’ defense] right now. It’s not necessarily a player, it’s the scheme and how they’re playing it,” NFL Network analyst Matt Millen said on the Danny Mac Show.

“They don’t do a lot, but what they do, they do well. I think fundamentally they’re at the top of the league right now. There may be more talented teams, but what [the Bears] do, they’re doing it really well.”

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Fundamentals don’t just boil down to techniques and alignment. It has just as much to do with players playing within their abilities and relying on the schemes.

“By fundamentals I mean that everybody is doing their job,” Millen said. “That’s the biggest thing. Nobody’s trying to do more than they can do. And so I watch Anthony Adams inside and whoever else they throw inside, they’re all doing their jobs. They’re eating up the blocks. They’re keeping people off of [Lance] Briggs. They’re keeping people off of [Brian] Urlacher.”

The great fundamental play, according to Millen, isn’t exclusive to the defensive line either.

“Outside, if they’re in quarters, if they’re in halfs, if they’re going to roll to [cover] three, or whatever they do, they give you a two shell look first. They move really late. Its good discipline. Everybody gets to the ball and everybody’s playing with good leverage across the front. It’s just well coached defense.”

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