CHICAGO (CBS) – Principals are paid handsomely at the Chicago Public Schools, according to new data.

All principals in the Chicago Public Schools system are paid six-figure base salaries, with an average of about $133,000 a year.

Seventeen principals make a top wage of $154,000 a year.

In most suburban districts, the average is lower. Principals at Elgin District 46, which is the second largest in the state, make an average of $101,000 a year, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The Sun-Times reported that CPS released the base salaries and other benefits of all CPS officials with administrators’ certificates, based upon a state law that is supposed to reveal hidden benefits in top salaries for educators.

But these data do not mean Chicago principals are overpaid, Chicago Principals association president Clarice Berry tells the Sun-Times. The salaries are awarded based on school size, years of experience, and advanced degrees, she told the newspaper.

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