Bears Are Winning Because Of Cutler

Jay Cutler started his career, both in Denver and Chicago, as a gunslinger. However, with the Bears recent focus on a balanced offensive attack same people are asking if Cutler has been reduced to a game manager.

“I don’t know if game manager is the right term,” Zach Zaidman said on the Mully and Hanley Show. “Because I think you’re winning because of Jay Cutler’s play. Usually, the term game manager you associate with someone that you’re winning with as opposed to because of.”

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But its obvious that the Bears have changed their mindset on offense. And while that isn’t a result of anything Cutler has done wrong, the way he has played in the new offensive approach is a big reason for the success.

“When I look at the way Cutler’s playing, he’s playing wining football,” Zaidman said. “That’s why they traded two first round picks, a starting NFL quarterback and a third round pick to acquire him. They wanted a guy that you could win games because of. And you see it when he’s right and he has time to throw and he makes smart decisions. I mean there’s a lot of talent there. You just want to see it on a consistent basis.”

If Cutler continues to play the way he has been recently, the Bears could be looking to make some noise in the playoffs.

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