Hester Still Progressing From Returner To Receiver

There are times in a game when a quarterback, even Peyton Manning, needs his wide receiver to make a spectacular catch. While Devin Hester has progressed into a valuable receiver in Mike Martz’s offense, he is still looking to take the step from that to premier NFL receiver.

“A number one receiver hauls that ball in,” former Bears quarterback Jim Miller said on the Danny Mac Show. Miller was referring to Jay Cutler‘s under thrown pass to Hester in the endzone.

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“[Hester] needs to finish those types of plays. Granted Jay needs to get that ball up sooner. It was a double post route and he was the inside post, out of the slot route. Jay just needs to get that ball up sooner.”

While a better pass by Cutler would have resulted in a touchdown, elite NFL receivers become elite by making those catches. And if that is the plan for Hester’s future, then he needs to make that catch.

“Does Larry Fitzgerald make that catch? Does Brandon Marshall make that catch? These are the types of catches that these guys are known for,” Miller said. “And that’s really the last stamp that finalizes that Devin Hester can be a number one receiver”

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