According To Mullin, Eagles Have To Many Weapons To Spy Vick

The debate will probably continue for the rest of this week as to whether or not the Bears should dedicate a spy to follow Michael Vick. Earlier this week Hub Arkush talked about the importance of having Brian Urlacher spy Vick.

Today, John “Moon” Mullin talked about the fact that even though the Bears have had success spying Vick in the past, they might not be able to do in now.

“First of all,” Mullin Said on the Danny Mac Show, “[Brian] Urlacher is not what he was in 2001, when he was almost as fast as Michael Vick, if not quite as agile. If you start [spying Vick], the problem I have is that this is not the Atlanta Falcons that he was playing with back then.”

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While Vick has been stealing the headlines so far this season in Philadelphia, the rest of his offensive teammates are no scrubs.

“[Vick] didn’t have Jeremy Maclin [when he was in Atlanta]. He didn’t have LeSean McCoy [and] Brent Celek. This is a way better team. Who is going to spy Maclin? They’re averaging 150 rush yards per game, and that’s not all Michael Vick the way it was back in Atlanta.”

Not only do the Eagles have multiple weapons to hurt you if you devote a defensive player to spy Vick, the Bears defense might not have to put a spy on Vick to stop him.

“My sense from talking [with players] is that you pay attention to him,” Mullin said. “But now you have Julius Peppers and a much improved Israel Idonije. [Losing contain] will be in the Bears’ minds, but I don’t think you start jerry-rigging your defense to stop Michael Vick.”

Right now it’s unsure whether or not the Bears will use a spy on Sunday. But what we do know is that the debate is sure to continue.

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