CHICAGO (CBS) – The Guardian Angels are out Wednesday night, escorting commuters on the Pink Line after a deadly attack. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports that another woman was robbed near the scene tonight.

Bobby Butler was trying to stop a robber from snatching a woman’s purse Monday night. But the “robber” opened fire, killing Butler.

The Guardian Angels say they’ll be out until the last train leaves the Central Park station Wednesday. They’re warning riders about a string of reported attacks in the area.

CBS 2 was there when an el passenger says a man ripped her purse from her hands.

Important papers, keys, and the contents of her purse were tossed on an el platform minutes after the reported purse snatching. The victim says it’s what happened when she refused to give money to her would-be attacker.

Blanca Garcia will get her belongings back. But it happened while volunteers were passing out flyers in a case where a robbery cost a man his life.

“It’s just incredible that we can’t be every place at one time. But when we are someplace, it could still happen in such a close proximity,” said Franklin Harris of Guardian Angels.

Bobby Butler

Bobby Butler (credit: Facebook)

Bobby Butler, 55, was trying to help stop an armed robbery. That victim got off the el Monday night and walked to her car where she was attacked.

Paul Rutherford of Cook County CrimeStoppers retraced her steps.

“She turned around and seen the guy, and she froze. She seen that he had a gun. He had his hand on his waist,” said Rutherford.

He says Butler ran from about a block away to the woman’s side.

“He yelled, hopefully tried to startle the guy and maybe he can run away,” said Rutherford. “But this guy was determined to grab that purse.”

The suspect shot Butler, then ran off down an alley.

Butler’s family joined hands tonight, hoping someone will help them find his killer.

“I don’t hate that he tried to help someone. I just wish it would have been a better outcome to the situation,” said Jeffrey Butler, Bobby’s brother.

Butler’s family says he was just released from jail about six months ago. He had started a new job and was trying to turn his life around.

Unfortunately, his family will now spend the rest of the week trying to collect money to pay for his funeral.