For three years now, one common question Bears fans always have is: Why was Devin Hester taken off kick return duties?

It’s not like his replacement was any worse. Daniel Manning is probably just as good of a kick returner as Hester. But ever since Hester started playing wide receiver in a greater role, he hasn’t returned kicks and he hasn’t been the same punt returner.

Until this season.

Listen: Dave Toub on Boers and Bernstein

And there Hester was three weeks ago on a kick return against Minnesota. Ever since, he and Manning has switched off returning kicks and both have been electrifying.

So why the change?

“Devin felt like he wanted a shot back there,” Bears special teams coach Dave Toub said on The Boers and Bernstein Show Monday. “He let it be known that he’d like to go back. Lovie and I talked about it and said, ‘Hey you know here’s a guy, perhaps the best kick returner in the history of football, on the sideline maybe not getting as many offensive reps and we kind of surprised Minnesota with it.”

Toub also disagrees with those that claim Hester’s electricity on returns disappeared for a while.

“It never really left,” he said. “I really believe that.”

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