Margaret Flisk talks about her dad, Officer Michael Flisk, at his funeral.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Margaret Flisk, daughter of murdered Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk, spoke at her father’s funeral on Wednesday. The tribute she gave to her father was nothing short of incredible. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.

Margaret Flisk courageously and poignantly said farewell to her dad, an evidence technician who was gunned down the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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“I hope from this day forward that no family ever has to experience this tragedy,” she said.

As Officer Flisk’s portrait sat alone on an altar, the sanctuary was filled with love from friends and members of his family.

Flisk Funeral

The funeral for Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk. (Credit: CBS)

On a cold December morning it was everything you’d expect of a somber funeral for a fallen officer.

“Today is a day of mourning and a day of reflection upon the life of Michael Flisk,” said Police Supt. Jody Weis.

“He gave his life on behalf of the people of the city of Chicago,” said Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Bagpipe music played and hundreds of officers stood at attention.

Michael Flisks’s wife Nora and four children embraced as moments later his coffin was carried into the church, where it was time to remember a life well-lived.

“My father gave me the strength to stand here and speak in front of all of you today,” said Margaret.

And then during the tradition Catholic ceremony, Flisk’s children created something unexpected.

“My father is in heaven now. I know this because the Chicago Bears are in first place,” said Margaret. “I also know this because justice has been served.”

With daughter Margaret speaking for all, they turned the tragedy of the 45-year-old’s death into an uplifting celebration of the evidence technician’s life.

“My last moment with my father, I grasped his hand, which still had black evidence dust on it,” said Margaret. “I swear when he got home and realized there was no peanut butter left, he dusted for prints just to figure out which one of my brothers was the perpetrator.”

It was a slice of life from an entire family dedicated to the force.

It served to lighten the grizzly circumstances of Flisk’s death, killed by a single shot to the head by the same suspect whose prints he was collecting from the burglary of a car. A parolee was arrested, thanks to a citizen speaking up.

Margaret described her father’s love for her mother.

“The person my dad loved the most was my mother. Every morning, before my dad left for work, he would wake my mom up just to tell her, ‘I love you,’” she said.

Margaret said her father loved his job as an evidence technician with the Chicago Police Department, and that he would put in extra hours on his days off to provide for the extra things his family wanted.

“But I would give it all back just to have one more day with my dad, to hear him sing ‘Smoking in the Boys Room’ by Motley Crew,” said Margaret.

Yet in spite of their courage and humor, it’s hard not to think of the days taken from them all by a senseless bullet.

“I cannot put into words how empty I feel inside without my father,” said Margaret. “He will always be deeply missed and will never be forgotten.”

It was a remarkable moment; the grieving family of a fallen officer helping others heal. A gift they credit to their father and husband.