LAKE FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — Aaron Rodgers? Check. Brett Favre? Check. Michael Vick? Another check off the list. The Bears have had success against elite quarterbacks this year, but now comes New England’s Tom Brady.

“He is playing tremendous football right now. I think he’s got only a handful of interceptions and they protect the ball so well that he is putting up monster numbers,” said Bears safety Chris Harris.

Brady’s stats are staggering: 27 touchdowns, just 4 interceptions – he hasn’t thrown one in the last 7 games – and a league-best 109.5 QB rating.

So what’s the one thing that impresses the Bears most about him?

“Just how relaxed he is in the pocket. He’s calm and cool about the rush in front of him. He’ll take a hit just to let his wide receivers run their routes so he can get the pass off to them,” said Bears defensive lineman Anthony Adams.

“He has been very, very consistent. I watched him Monday night and you can see he is in command of his offense. You can tell everything is going through him,” said Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

“He’s just a good quarterback and has been winning for awhile. It’s impressive that he has been so good for such a long time,” Bears cornerback D.J. Moore said. But the thing that impressed him most about Brady had nothing to do with football.

“His choice in women,” Moore joked of Brady, who used to date actress Bridget Moynahan and is now married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

So Brady’s got a model wife and he’s been a model quarterback. He’s clearly the runaway favorite for this year’s MVP, but the Bears said they we will be playing the man, not the reputation, on Sunday when Brady makes his first trip ever to Soldier Field as the Patriot’s starting QB.

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