Defense Needs To e Detailed To Shut Down Patriots

The Patriots have been one of the best teams in the NFL for a while. With a Hall of Fame quarterback leading the way, the Bears have a tough task ahead of them on Sunday.

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“We have to be detailed,” Lance Briggs said. “To combat Tom Brady and the Patriots, we have to be detailed. We have to play fast. We have to play physical. We know he’s going to to take what he sees. So we have to be ready, when the ball does come out, to punish the ball carries, be opportunistic when the ball is in the air and get pressure on him.”

This game is being billed as the most important Bears home game in in a long time, maybe as far back as the 2006 NFC Championship game. The defense will more than likely have the toughest matchup, trying to shut down Brady and the Patriots’ offense, and they know it.

“Defensively, we don’t necessarily have to talk to each other about how we need to play, because it’s understood” Briggs said. “The season is too important to have to go to a guy and say, ‘hey, you need to pick it up.’ A lot of these guys I’ve been playing with for a long time. And the younger guys, they understand what this means to us as a team, organization and as a city. We don’t really need to say anything. It’s all understood.”