Cutler And Bears Continue To Improve

Jay Cutler has been improving week to week, and by the numbers has been playing some of the best football of his career. But his offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, still sees room for improvement.

“He’s playing good, he’s getting better,” Martz said. “I think he can get a lot better, we’re getting closer.”

Martz works with Cutler on a daily basis and must see the potential that that Cutler has.

The focus of this Bears team, like all of Lovie Smith’s teams is to continue to improve each week and eliminate mistakes.

“We still made too many mistakes in the [Lions] game,” Martz said. “But each week we inch closer to out goal and where we want to be. And [Cutler] is included in that. But there’s stuff every week we need to clean up and get better at, and he’s been able to do that so far.”

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