(WBBM) – The ground search for 40-year-old Tanya Shannon could resume Friday in LaSalle County.

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It was early Sunday morning on a rural stretch of road in LaSalle County when Dale Shannon was killed in a car accident and his wife Tanya disappeared.

Dale And Tanya Shannon: Car Crash

Dale Shannon was killed in a car crash over the weekend, and his wife, Tanya, is still missing. (Credit: LaSalle County Sheriff's Office)

The search of the snow-covered ground was halted Tuesday evening.

Now, with the weather warming up, LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton hopes to resume the search Friday, with the coordinator of the search bringing in several canine crews.

“He tells me they can, with the number he’s got, that they can search the expanded area–go over the same ground that they’ve been and try to hit some areas that were a little bit more snow-covered.”

Templeton says he has received no tips from anyone who claims to have seen anything or know anything about the whereabouts of Tanya Shannon, a mother of four.

“Generally if there’s someone out there, in my experience, that has seen something that they think even might be remotely associated, they’ve called and given us that information.

“And there isn’t anyone who’s called and given us really, virtually, anything.”