There’s an old saying in sports: sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. But what kind of luck have the Bears had so far this season that has lead them to a 9-4 record?

“Jerry Angelo said this to me a while back,” John “Moon” Mullin said on the Danny Mac Show. “He said, ‘you know, there’s only one real true luck in the NFL, and that’s injuries.’ All the other stuff tends to average [out], the bounces, the whatevers. And the injuries are the one thing that, if you’re having bad luck, you’re losing stars.”

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While the Bears have suffered some injuries to their offensive line and a few other starters, none of the team’s true stars have missed any significant time.

“The Bears had so much of it last year, in the form of one guy,” Mullin said. “Let’s face it, fifty-four going down in the first week of the season, changed everything.”

The Bears have a had a few lucky bounces come their way over the course of the season. But they’ve also had an equal amount of tipped balls and bounces go against them. If you want to consider the Bears lucky for anything, it needs to be for staying healthy.

“This year [the Bears] have avoided anything close to [Brian Urlacher’s injury last season], knock on wood,” Mullin said. “They lose [Jay] Cutler for a game and a half, and that’s a game they win. And if you want to talk about lucky, it happened to come against Carolina. That was a team they could beat with Todd Collins.”

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