A point of personal privilege about Miley Cyrus from the father of three young women thankfully beyond being influenced by the teenage-tart who used to be Hanna Montana. 

It’s hard for me to watch Miley Cyrus tripping on drugs or writhing in her underwear with an older man, as she did in her last fun video on the Web. Do as Miley does, dear children, and you, too, can become Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

Is there not anyone, anywhere — her mother, father, agent, producers of her music and movies — helping Miley understand how needlessly she is spoiling her life, and maybe the lives of children who do as she does?

Why are there no adults stopping Miley Cyrus? Could it be their joy in slurping up the $45 million she’s made this year? What a shame it all is. A crime is what it ought to be.

Put the adults in her life in prison before it’s too late for their Miley, our Miley.

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