CHICAGO (WBBM) – Don’t wrap those gifts before your fly. That’s because if they are in your carry-on, they may be at risk for inspection.

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“If you bring wrapped packages, those are likely to be inspected and so if you’ve gone to the trouble of wrapping this nice package, you might be disappointed because they may rip it open and inspect it,” said Department of Aviation Spokesperson Karen Pride.

Until Thursday, O’Hare and Midway airports will be offering complimentary gift wrapping in each terminal.

“We’ve got tables set up, we’ve got several types of wrapping paper and ribbon. The staff of volunteers will be happy to accommodate you once you’ve past security.”

Pride says they started doing this because once there was increased security, people would bring wrapped packages only to have them unwrapped at checkpoints.

Complimentary gift wrapping with continue through Thursday at O’Hare from 1-5p and at Midway from 11a-3pm.

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