The Bulls have had a lot of turnover from last season. The new faces on the court have received the majority of the attention, but the one on the sideline is just as important.

“He coaches every play,” Chuck Swirsky, the voice of the Chicago Bulls, said on the Danny Mac Show when asked about Tom Thibodeau. “And I mean that, he’s involved in every play. I’m not saying he coaches every play, in terms of calling out a play. But I think that he is such a tactician.”

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That’s a change from what the Bulls had on the bench last season. Vinny Del Negro had his first ever coaching job when he was named the Bulls’ head coach. That lack of experience, was evident in the matchups on the court.

That’s not the case this season. Thibodeau has put in the time and is a seasoned assistant coach.

“He looks at a game as all about matchups,” Swirsky said. “And if Doug Collins brings in Lou Williams, [Thibodeau thinks] ‘should I bring in C.J. Watson?’ Or if Spencer Hawes leaves, and they go with a Marreese Speights, or someone that is going to bring out a big man 18-feet away, [Thibodeau thinks], ‘who am I going to matchup with, and vice versa.”

It’s that mindset and tactical sense that makes Thibodeau such a great coach. And what has helped the Bulls so far this season.

“And that’s really impressed me,” Swirsky said of Thibodeau’s mentality. “This guy can coach.”

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