WESTCHESTER (CBS) — You might be happy about a weather warm-up in the forecast, but it worries some folks.

Rain might be in the mix, and that has some city and village leaders on alert for possible flooding, CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

Warm weather and rain can make for a damaging mix. It’s happened in Westchester, and could again.

“We were sweating,” village president Sam Pulia said of local reaction to the latest weather forecasts.

Pulia already saw his residents through major summer flooding. He doesn’t want Take Two to occur this winter.

Patrick Martin, of Xpert Flood Control, offered some tips to homeowners that could help them in a pinch.

Make sure gutters are clear of debris so that when snow on a flat roof turns to water it can drain instead of dam up.

“You can actually get flooding on the roof of your home where water damage comes in,” Martin said.

At ground level, he says make sure you run drainage piping five or six feet away from the foundation. Also, you should always shovel snow away from the building’s foundation, Martin said.

In Westchester, crews on Tuesday will be out cleaning inlets where water drains into storm sewers.

If you’re a homeowner looking to long-term flood prevention, it could cost from the hundreds into the thousands.

Some good news from weather officials: The late summer and fall were pretty dry, so rivers have been lower.

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