For 2 political junkies, 2010 did not disappoint. From the first Rod Blagojevich trial to mayoral and congressional politics, 2010 provided civics lessons galore. In other words, 2010 was a great class to teach.

In 2011, the CBS2 Teachers resolve to commit more time to two simple lessons about highly complicated problems:

Governmental Reform
Pat Quinn dedicated his political career to reform well before becoming governor. From overhauling the state’s General Assembly to promoting an unpopular plan to reconvene a state constitutional convention, Quinn had a track record of supporting substantial reform before ascending into the role of governor.

We’re hoping to see a renewed spirit of reform during Quinn’s first elected term in office. And we’ll be there teaching about meaningful political reforms throughout 2011.

Campaign finance regulations, gerrymandering, and the format of our primary elections will be some of the issues of governmental reform that are sure to arise in 2011. The CBS2 Teachers pledge to teach more lessons about these topics to make the confusing rules of government more clear.

Educational Reform
Education reform will continue to be a top priority in state and local politics, and the CBS2 Teachers will continue to provide our perspective on these issues. From the role of unions to building accountability into the school culture, we will analyze issues that impact the quality of education for Chicago’s students.

We will also continue to advocate for the use of technology to expand educational opportunities.

Any student or parent knows about the inequities that can come from a school district boundary or a brick wall inside a school that separates an effective class from a futile one. The internet allows advocates for education reform to destroy those inequities, and we will search for more ways to join this cause in 2011.

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