It’s hard not to look too far ahead. With the Bears having locked up the two-seed in the NFC, it’s only natural to envision how far they could go.

While the first-round bye helps the Bears’ chances of doing what they couldn’t in 2006, there are some obstacles that could stand in their way.

“Probably having to head to Atlanta or New Orleans,” Brad Biggs said on 670 The Score when asked about bad matchups for the Bears. “And I think it’ll probably be Atlanta, I don’t see any way the Falcons lose to the Panthers on Sunday, in the Georgia Dome.”

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The Falcons have been one of the best teams in the NFC throughout the season, and have been especially good at home. So having to go Atlanta and win, could be a tough task for the Bears.

“Going down there and playing competent offensive football in a difficult, loud road venue [will be tough],” Biggs said. “I just think that we’ve all realized that [Jay] Cutler’s played better recently. I believe he has a passer rating over 100, in four of the last five games. But when you seen [the Bears] against an elite team like the Patriots, the guy didn’t show up, the rest of the offense didn’t show up.”

So while everything is great in Chicago right now, the playoffs present a whole new type of season, one that still requires the Bears to make improvements on offense.

“I don’t think everyone’s convinced yet,” Biggs said, “that this Bears’ offense is ready to carry the team to the Super Bowl.”

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