Cross my fingers and make a wish — that the race for Mayor of Chicago becomes about quality of ideas instead of color of skin and that candidate Rahm Emanuel argues his issues in public debates instead of bowling us over in his million-dollar TV ads.

And I hope, do hope, that Bill Clinton and Barak Obama stay out of our mayoral campaign because they don’t know enough about governing Chicago to stick their noses into it.

I wish they learn enough and then come in and tell us not how to vote, but how to improve our schools and respect our cops and save the lives of our firefighters.

I wish Mayor Daley makes his banker buddies go easier on foreclosures and loan money to businesses and home buyers instead of stashing it away for themselves. And oh, how I wish that Gov. Quinn learns how to muscle members of the General Assembly to spend our money on us instead of themselves.

And of course I wish the Bears win the Super Bowl, or at least play in it and that the Cubs win a pennant, or at least as many games as they lose.

And I wish that somebody, please, take away those parking meters.