This is the first winning season that Jay Cutler has had since he was in high school. And because of that, people will debate his ability to win the big game and carry a team in the playoffs.

There have been times this season when Cutler has been the reason the Bears have won, and there have also been times when his mistakes have resulted to losses.

“The two picks were probably the difference in the game,” Hub Arkush said on the Danny Mac Show of Cutler’s performance on Sunday. “He was the old Jay Cutler again. He had a ’43.something’ passer rating.”

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While Arkush is critical of Cutler’s performance, he does admit that there were factors that contributed to the way he played.

“The Packers do that to everybody in the NFL,” Arkush said. “It doesn’t write off all the good that Jay Cutler has done in the last six, seven, eight weeks. I think he’s progressed tremendously.”

But when the Bears play their first playoff game since losing the Super Bowl, it will also be the first playoff game in Cutler’s career.

“Here’s the point you can make,” Arkush said. “[Cutler’s] never been in the playoffs before. [Sunday] was the closest to a playoff atmosphere he’s ever been in, and you saw what happened. But, I’m not going to write him off, because it happened against a defense that does that to a lot of guys.”