AURORA (WBBM) — A judge has decided against holding the city of Aurora in contempt for defying another judge’s order that it return $190,000 seized from two brothers.

But, as WBBM’s Mike Krauser reports, the case isn’t over.

The cash was seized when an Aurora police officer pulled over Jesus and Jose Martinez.

A judge told the city to give it back. Aurora refused.

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The city later revealed that the brothers were under investigation for drugs.

Today, another judge said there was probable cause for the stop and the seizure, and Aurora would not be held in contempt.

“In my experience drug dealers don’t contact lawyers to try to get their hard-earned money back,” says Kathleen Colton, the brothers’ attorney.

And, Colton notes, they’ve been charged with nothing.

“I have been practicing criminal defense law for 23 years,” she said. “I have never seen anything on this scale, or anything even remotely near this kind of what I would consider to be egregious behavior on the part of the police.”

The brothers said they raised the money from family members and from home remodeling and it was for their father’s retirement.