CHICAGO (CBS) – The Bears have their share of veterans that know what the playoffs are all about: higher intensity and a faster pace. So are they giving any advice to the playoff newbies? CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke reports.

“I think everybody in this locker room has played at a high level and this will be the highest level,” said Bears center Olin Kreutz. “But the Green Bay atmosphere was playoff football so everybody should know what playoff football is like now.”

“The guys who have played in it before, they know what to expect. They aren’t really going to tell me anything. You just have to be ready for it yourself,” said Bears running back Matt Forte.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is one who has never been to the postseason before — so will his approach change?

“I’m not going to change anything. I don’t think anybody in this building is going to change anything. We will have the same manner as the last 16 games and prepare the same,” said Cutler.

That is not to say that Cutler won’t appreciate the experience.

“It’s hard, especially to get a bye in the playoffs,” he said. “Some guys make the playoffs every year, some guys never make the playoffs. I have a good understanding of how hard it really is to get in the playoffs. I’ve been close a few times, but it’s been a fun ride so far on this team.”

Cutler said he has never watched playoff games because it was too painful.

Surprisingly, today, many guys said they will not watch their three possible opponents play this weekend.

Instead they gave the company line: they don’t care who they play because they think they match up well against all of them.

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