For the first time since losing the Super Bowl, the Chicago Bears are in the playoffs. But just how far do they need to go to meet their new expectations?

“I think when you put together a season where you become the number two-seed in the NFC, certainly expectations become that you need to at least win one game and reach the Championship game,” Brad Biggs said on the Mully and Hanley Show.

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The Bears won’t know their opponent until after the weekend, but that shouldn’t matter for a team that is rested, earned the second-seed and is playing at home.

“You need to be able to win a home playoff game,” Biggs said.

While the expectations now might be to reach the NFC Championship game, back in August things were much different. But expectations are often changed during the course of a season, when teams begin to either under, or over perform.

“You begin a year with one set of expectations in mind,” Biggs said, “and then as the thing unfolds you’re reevaluating that. And this is a team that I believe, to truly have success, they need to at least get one playoff win under their belt.”

Getting to the playoffs shouldn’t be the measuring stick for the Bears. Because a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team also made the playoffs by winning the NFC West. If the Bears want to become an elite team, they need to win in January.

“I believe that’s important,” Biggs said. “I believe that’s part of the building process and getting there isn’t good enough, it shouldn’t be good enough. I think you need to set your expectations higher than that.”

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