There is no shortage of opinion on what caused the murders in Tucson.

Turn on cable news and there it is, every night, a steady stream of opinion. The TV talking heads yapping – not about what they know, but what they think is the cause of the Tucson attack – the Tea Party-Republican Party right-wingers, or the Democrat Party left wingers.

The TV talking heads have decided, in their ultimate wisdom, that it’s the rhetoric in politics that’s polarizing America and stirring people up.

They say to watch cable news (which millions of Americans do) to better understand the cause of Tucson.

No doubt it’s the rhetoric, because that’s what the talking heads on TV are saying it is – based, of course. not on facts, but on the opinion of the head that’s talking at the moment.

Rarely do we hear the talking heads talking truth, which is that they’re the ones who are polarizing America and stirring people up.

So until they know and can explain to us what stirred up the killer in Tucson, the talking heads ought to shut up – me included.

-Walter Jacobson