The Bears’ offense isn’t the most dynamic or high powered in the NFL, but they do have the ability to create the big play and beat you if you’re out of position.

Much of the gameplan used by the Seattle Seahawks in the first matchup with the Chicago Bears will have to be thrown out the window. After the two teams played in week six of the regular season, the Bears abandoned their pass-heavy offense for a more balanced attack.

“We’re going to do everything that we’ve ever done, as much as we can,” Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said. “We’d like to pressure them when we can, we’d like to make sure and heat it up.”

All season long, teams have tried, and been successful, in getting pressure on the Jay Cutler. But when the offensive line has been up to the challenge of slowing down the pass rush, Cutler has been able to find his hot reads and get the ball to his playmakers.

“We also know that we have to cover these guys,” Carroll said, “they run like crazy. They’re terrific with he ball in their hands after the catch. So we have to get guys in coverage as well. So it’s a big challenge for us.”