By Chris Rongey–

Almost took Donn Pall deep

OK, it’s not nearly as impressive as it sounds, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure it would be that impressive if it was exactly as it sounds.  Made my best contact of the camp today when I hit one to the warning track in left center.  True warning track power with a composite bat.  I’m awesome.

Second game of our doubleheader today and “The Pope” Donn Pall did the pitching for the other team and in my last at bat, I heard Hawk say, “Juuuust missed it.”  Many of those on the field thought it had a chance to go.  Everyone except for the left field standing on the track.  After the inning, Pall said to me, “How did that one feel?”  “Pretty good,” I said, “I like the way you throw, it comes in straight and at a good velocity.”  Pope responded, “Yeah, so did everyone else.  That’s why I don’t pitch anymore.”

Our team has not been so good.  Four games, four losses.  Another doubleheader tomorrow and then the round-robin play begins on Saturday.  We need some wins to say the least.  A teammate, Jeff Donenberg, and I have come up with a team name for ourselves: The OBI’s (One Bad Inning).  Collectively, we’re like the Javier Vazquez of this Sox Fantasy Camp.  It’s sad.

Did I mention that the best part of camp, is not the games themselves, but the stories you’ll hear along the way?  Finished a team dinner tonight and heard about 12 Kittle stories.  Some I had heard, some I had not.  I told him today, that he’s like Forrest Gump as he somehow gets involved in the most random events.  Apparently, he knows Janet Jackson.  Just sayin’.  Also, forgot to mention that Matt Thornton stopped by camp yesterday to take questions, talk about the real Sox, and to watch a bit of the games being played.  He, like the rest of us, is hoping for a good year.  Soxfest just a week away and spring training in over a month.  It’s almost time, kids.

Kusyner and Kravec finally made it into town which means more stories are ahead for tomorrow morning’s pregame session.  I wish I could relay some Cave stories, but they are either A) in need of being told visually, or B) not appropriate for air.  You’ll have to come to camp in 2012 to hear them for yourself.

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