An underdog with nothing to lose, like the Seattle Seahawks were on Sunday, can be a very dangerous thing in the NFL Playoffs.

For the Bears, it was important to set the tone early in the game and not let Seattle gain any confidence.

On their very first drive of the game, the Bears put the Seahawks in a hole, that wouldn’t ever be given a chance to dig themselves out of, and set the tone for a run-away Bears’ victory.

“[On] third and short, to kind of get over the top like that was huge,” Bears tight end Greg Olsen said of his 58-yard touchdown reception. “It kind of set the tone and got us off to a real good start.”

That early touchdown would have been about all the lead that the Bears’ defense would have needed. Through three quarters the defense yielded just over 100 yards and three points, before giving up some junk yardage and points in the fourth quarter.

“With the way our defense played and pretty much shutting them down, for the most part,” Olsen said, “and then the offense kind of took that momentum and the next thing you know it’s 28-0, that was huge.”

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