Mike Martz and Dom Capers are two of the most well-respected coordinators in the NFL. On Sunday, they’ll go head to head see who can get the upper hand, and they’ll likely go about it the same way.

“Well I think it’s very similar to what Mike Martz does on offense,” Charles Davis, of the NFL Network, said on the Laurence Holmes Show when talking about Capers’ gameplans.”Both of them are very good at identifying where you are weak and finding ways to make themselves strong and attack your weaknesses.”

LISTEN: Charles Davis On The Laurence Holmes Show

A perfect example of this came on the very first Chicago Bears’ drive in their Divisional Round game against the Seattle Seahawks. Coming into the game, Martz knew that he wanted to attack Lawyer Milloy, the Seahawks’ safety.

Martz used tight end Greg Olsen to get behind Milloy on a third down and short play. The result was a 58-yard touchdown reception by Olsen. Throughout the remainder of the game, Martz continued to use Olsen, and other offensive weapons, to attack Milloy.

“That’s what Dom Capers does,” Davis said. “He finds where he thinks is a weak spot for you and he then he’ll take his best players, like Clay Matthews Jr., and find a way to get there. So both of these guys take their best players, maximize what they do well and try to attack your weak points.”

With a shot at the Super Bowl on the line, there’s no reason to leave anything in the playbook on Sunday. And just as big as the matchups on the field are, the chess match between Martz and Capers will play a big role in determining who will raise the George Halas Trophy at the end of the game.

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