GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS) — An oldies radio station in Green Bay is taking the Bears-Packers rivalry to a new level.

Radio station WOGB-103.1 FM in Green Bay has pulled all songs by the band Chicago until further notice. The station’s website shows the band’s logo circled and crossed out.

Quoted in USA Today, station program director Dan Markus says the good-natured ban was instituted because the band Chicago “named themselves after the city whose team is blocking our way to the Super Bowl.”

USA Today reports that the group is out of the country, but their publicist says fans are not happy.

The band Chicago is the only band that has been dropped from the airwaves. There is no mention of other bands that happen to hail from the Chicago area.

As it happens, while the band Chicago first came together in the city of Chicago, they actually recorded most of their best-known songs in Los Angeles.

And Chicago radio stations do not have an opportunity to respond in kind to WOGB. A web search does not pull up evidence of any band called “Green Bay.”

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